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Tree Services

At Allwood Tree Care, our professional team provide a vast range of tree services. If you would like a free quotation, simply call us today.

  • Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction is where the overall size of the tree canopy is reduced. It can be a requirement to compensate for loss of root vitality. It is also beneficial where light is blocked out or where the tree size may be excessive to requirements.

  • Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting is the process used when the lower undesirable branches need to be removed to increase the height from ground level to the crown. Used mostly to minimise injury to individuals passing under the tree and allow re-growth of vegetation.

  • Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning is where branches are cut out from the crown to reduce windsail and ensure wind travels through the crown more freely, this will increase light levels and re-growth.

  • Pollarding


Pollarding is the process of extensive pruning of the tree crown. It is used where a tree has grown too large in its location OR where major defects or weaknesses make the tree unstable. By carrying out this type of surgery it can stimulate vigorous re-growth.

Dead Wooding

Dead wooding is similar to a crown clean, but involves the removal of dead wood only from the canopy of the tree.

This is good For safety reasons, to avoid dead wood from falling from the tree.

  • Dead Wooding


Rigging is the process for dismantling and lowering of trees in confined spaces or within range of houses, buildings or property that may be damaged if not taken down in a controlled manner.

  • Rigging

Safe Work around ESB Lines

With many years’ experience cutting timber around ESB lines we can apply the appropriate methods in dealing with any tree in the vicinity of such a hazard.

  • Safe Work around ESB Lines

Emergency Tree Services

With the ever increasing damage caused by storms to weak limbs and entire trees causing them to fall on property or even hang up in other trees, we offer a 24 hour call out service to remove, minimise and alleviate further damage or danger to property and the public.

  • Emergency Tree Services

Site Clearances & Wood Chipping Services

All overgrown sites can be cleared and waste material chipped and disposed of.

  • Site Clearances & Wood Chipping Services

Tree Planting

We offer a broad tree and hedge planting service along with supply from only the best growers in the country. This allows our customers to maintain the tree population within the country and add young healthy plants to their landscape.

  • Tree Planting

Hedge Care

We maintain large and small hedges along with shrubs, from trimming, pruning or reductions and also offer appropriate advice on the correct time and extent of pruning so that the desired long term result can be achieved.

  • Hedge Care
  • Hedge Care
  • Hedge Care
  • Hedge Care